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This little elf 🎅is so excited about how to make the PJ KABOS cookie recipe—Kourabiedes!

This little "elf" with a sweet tooth 🍭🍪🍩 sure is excited about the extra special, PJ Kabos cooking video coming soon. She will be showing how to make Greek Christmas cookies, kourabiedes.

Get ready for a magical 🎉❄🎄 journey into the heart of Greek tradition with a very old PJ Kabos family cookie recipe for the Christmas-time treat! Join us—and this adorable and talented little elf—for a fun and festive cooking video as we unveil the secrets behind this delightful confection that is made in a very non-traditional way, using olive oil in place of butter.

PJ Kabos High-Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Your Trusted Oil, Straight from Our Table to Yours.

This isn't just any recipe; it's a story of generations, love, and deliciousness. 

A picture of a little girl dressed as an elf at Christmastime holding a cookie she just baked with a tin of PJ Kabos Extra Virgin Olive Oil that she used by her side.
Our little Christmas elf enjoying the Greek Christmas cookie that she made all by herself!

The best part? It's so easy to make that even a child 👧 (or an elf!) can make it (with oven supervision, of course!). Her lovely recipe video on how to make the PJ Kabos Christmas cookies, Kourabiedes is coming soon!


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Until next time...stay happy and well!


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