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How we got to your table...

We believe the products we choose to nourish us should be infused with the goodness of the sun-ripened earth and the rejuvenating properties of the wind-blown sky. And that living consciously should be a part of every single aspect of our daily existence.

Our Founding Story


In the 1890’s our family settled in the Ancient Olympia vicinity; we were to become wine and current producers, physicians, governors, artists and writers. In the 1960’s we converted our vineyards to olive groves, and this is where our olive oil story begins.

As these trees matured, they nourished three generations, their yearly harvest becoming entwined with the family narrative.


In 2013, our founder, James Panagiotopoulos decided to share the goodness of these and other surrounding crops with people around the world who were seeking to enrich their lives with a way of eating that is honest, pure and wholesome.


This is why every drop of PJ Kabos evoo contains time honored integrity that has been proven through generations and the richness of our blessed earth that sustains its own.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Our Timeline



PJ KABOS introduces new quality products and achieves new, global distribution partnerships.

PJ KABOS exclusively supplies Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert DeNiro's Hotels and Restaurants chain, NOBU.



2015 onward

PJ KABOS is declared as "one of the world's best olive oils" and is annually awarded the highest honors at global competitions.

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PJ KABOS is established by 5th generation producer, James Panagiotopoulos





Conversion of our vineyards to olive groves. Our olive oil journey begins.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_award winning_evoo_olives_high phenolic_polyphenols_

Our family settled in the Ancient Olympia vicinity; they were to become wine and current producers, physicians, governors, artists and writers.




Year of the first modern Olympic Games.

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Produced from family olive groves, this very early-harvest, organic evoo contains all the good stuff and makes an impressive impact on your taste buds and your health.

Our Sustainable Approach


While we are proud of the sustainable approach we have had since day one, we are always looking to increase our positive impact on our planet and all who inhabit it.  

Mindfully Sourced

All of our olives come from either our private groves or other small, family run farms. We strive to maintain the traditional olive groves that have been a part of the Greek landscape for thousands of years and not destroy them to replace with super high density groves.


Consciously Crafted

Absolutely no chemicals are used during the process of extracting the oil from the fruit, a procedure which is accomplished through the use of centrifugal force (gravity).


Cruelty Free

Our sense of responsibility, care and respect for the earth encompasses all creatures, big and small, that live on it; it is our mission to help and protect them.

Organic Certifications

We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our extra virgin olive oils are free from harmful pesticides. Soon every evoo we offer will be organically certified.

Plant Protection and Nurturing  

We use organic compost instead of chemical fertilizers for our family groves. Also, we never use organophosphate pesticides in order to control the olive fly, but instead only fly traps with natural deterrents, such as natural talc and sugar water. 

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw
PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Image courtesy of Belvedere Mykonos

Approved by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

A fan from first taste, we are deeply honored that Chef Nobu was one of our early supporters and mentors. In fact, our Family Reserve label is his evoo of choice for most of his Nobu Matsuhisa restaurants worldwide.

Why You Trust Every Drop

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Organic Olives

Our Family Reserve Organic label is made from 100% organic olives; the rest of our evoo will soon be as well, so stay tuned for this exciting update.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Hand Harvested

It’s the old-fashioned way, but the best way. Each olive is carefully selected and hand harvested so as to protect both the fruit and the fruit tree from being harmed in the process.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Non GMO / BPA Free

Consuming evoo is all about improving your health and doing so in the most natural way. This is why all of our products are strictly Non GMO and BPA Free.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

No Additives

When something is so great on its own, why add anything else? Our bottles contain just the pure, precious nectar of olive fruits that are ripened from the warmth of the Grecian sun.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

High Phenolic

Take a sip. You feel that slight burning sensation at the back of your throat and that bitter taste on your tongue? It’s all the good-for-you antioxidants working their magic. Our evoo packs quite a punch!

Hearth healthy (2).png

Heart Healthy

As an incredible source of monounsaturated fatty acid, evoo helps reduce the risk of heart disease and helps you become your healthiest self.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw


Our production process is 100% animal-free so you can pour to your heart’s delight knowing that your beloved animals can enjoy licking up your evoo as much as you do.

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

No Wheat / No Dairy

Not only do we not want to aggravate any sensitivity your may have, but why on earth would we add wheat or dairy to our beautiful, green evoo…? Yuck!

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Cold Pressed

The precious oil is extracted very shortly after the fruit is cut from the tree. Absolutely no chemicals or heat are used during the process so as to preserve all valuable nutrients.  

PJ Kabos_Greek extra virgin olive oil_aw

Commitment to Giving Back


Your every purchase helps us support the environment, local harvest workers and family producers.

We know that we are stewards of this beautiful earth we all share. This is why we have decided to buck certain current, cost-effective trends. These include utilizing heavy machinery to harvest the olive fruit and the conversion of traditionally planted olive groves into super high density olive groves.


As such, our production process is committed to supporting the ancient hand harvesting techniques and maintaining the planting methods that have been used in Greece for centuries. In so doing, we strongly support the local workforce, all the while minimizing the impact we have on the natural environment.

Furthermore, we are pleased to cover the annual harvesting costs for select local producers. This way, we give them the opportunity to work and grow their ancestral olive groves, just as their predecessors did, and help them provide for their families.     

International Awards

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