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January: The Mediterranean Olive Tree Throughout the Year

The picturesque scenery of olive trees stretching across the Grecian landscape down to the Ionian Sea.
Vista of undulating olive trees across the Grecian landscape—all the way to the deep blue Ionian Sea.

How an Olive Tree is in January: A Mindful Slumber

In the Mediterranean embrace, olive trees gracefully ease into dormancy 😴 as January 🌨☃ unfolds. This natural cadence, shared by both deciduous and evergreen companions, signifies a season where life’s pulse slows, favoring introspective processes over outward growth.

Within this tranquil winter interlude the olive tree embraces a quiet slumber, dialing down its metabolic tempo. This strategic repose redirects energy inward, a mindful conservation for the forthcoming busy months of flowering, growing and harvesting – a pivotal time for producing the finest olive oils.

A kabos - field - of olive trees, goats and sheep grazing and the snow capped peaks of the Peloponnese mountains upon the blue horizon.
A kabos - field - of olive trees; goats and sheep graze while the snow-capped peaks of the high Peloponnese mountains sit majestically upon the blue horizon.

The Olive Tree’s Beauty Shines Year Round

The olive tree may shed some leaves 🍃 in the Mediterranean winter, but generally not enough to be noticeable. The trees are normally always green, silver-tipped beauties dancing on the vista of a Mediterranean landscape. When a few leaves do drop it is normally a measured release, a harmonious act moderating water loss in the crisp embrace of the colder ❄ season.

Internally, during the month of January ☃, whispers of spring do abound. While branches rest, the olive tree silently readies itself. Within the secret places of its branches far beyond the gaze of human eyes 👀, delicate flower buds 🌸 take shape, the promise of new leaves and future fruits woven into the olive tree’s internal narrative.

PJ KABOS: A family-owned olive oil company you can trust.
A close up of an olive tree's bark during January with a lovely olive grove behind it and snowcapped mountains in the distance.
Internally during January, much is taking place within the olive tree. Delicate flower buds take shape promising future foliage and fruits.

A Nourishing Foundation for the Next Crop of Olives

Below ground, the roots of the olive tree delicately explore the soil, seeking sustenance. Though above-ground growth pauses, the subterranean ballet ensures a nourishing foundation for the impending awakening of the olive tree, ensuring high-quality olives essential for producing well-crafted olive oil.

A Mediterranean olive grove on a sunny day in January with green foliage beneath the elegant trees.
Unlike during the summer when the ground beneath an olive tree is golden, during January it has a lovely carpet of green.

Frosty Nights

In the Mediterranean mosaic, where winter is a gentle maestro 🎵, considerations arise for the resilient olive tree. Protective gestures, especially during frost-kissed nights ❄✨🌙, might sometime be needed where the producer becomes the guardian against the occasional deep chill. But again, this is rare.

An olive grove in the winter when the sun is slowly descending and long shadows are made.
The January sun is slowing setting over one of our many mature olive grove in Greece.

A Venerable, Millennia-Old Show

Here, in this evergreen theater of repose and growth, the olive tree’s January choreography echoes the resilient spirit of its Mediterranean home, attuned to the unique symphony composed by tree variety, geography, and the whims of the weather 🌦🌧🌨🌩☀. The olive tree’s January dance 💃 is harmonious and adaptable, played out year after year, century after century, millennia after millennia; an enduring and respected rhythm of these venerable and lovely olive trees.

A couple of goats in an olive grove enjoying the bounty of fresh foliage brought by winter rains.
Happy munchers. Just another January day in the olive grove for these goats. They are happy for the green winter foliage and we are happy to have them.
An elegant black bottle of  PJ KABOS Family Reserve Organic - Robust, extra virgin olive oil: a high phenolic oil that adds depth, character and great health benefits to every meal.
The formation of this full-bodied, high phenolic, extra virgin olive oil within this bottle starts in January as the trees doze and prepare for the coming seasons of growth.
PJ KABOS Family Reserve Organic - Robust, is an extra virgin olive oil that is high in polyphenols and adds depth, character and great health benefits to every meal.

We at PJ Kabos hope you liked this glimpse of our olive groves in January. Please join us next month for the special days of February.

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Until next time...stay happy 😃 and well!


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