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PJ Kabos Legacy: Remembering a Beautiful Lady

PJ Kabos' founder, James Panagiotopoulos' grandmother, the beautiful and stylish Maria Panagiotopoulou, lovingly known as "Yiayia," graced this world with her presence for an impressive 103 years.

On the anniversary of her birth (she would have been 111 this year!), we at PJ KABOS cherish the memory of her and James' grandfather, who planted the trees that, more than half a century later were to become the foundation of PJ KABOS. None was happier than Maria when James took over the guardianship of her cherished trees and created PJ KABOS, as a way to offer the EVOO she loved and trusted to people far and wide.

You may wonder if the High-Phenolic EVOO she savored daily played a role in her remarkable longevity. Without a doubt, she could have been the very embodiment of the Mediterranean diet—a living testament to its health benefits. She herself attributed her robust health to her deep faith and her diet, the basis of it being her very own, Extra Virgin Olive Oil—the only oil she trusted.

Happy Birthday, Yiayia. We miss you!


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