• Awarded a GOLD Medal at the 2020 Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition! FRESH 2019/20 HARVEST! Last day of harvest was 7th December 2019. Have you ever tasted fresh, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Here is your chance.
  • PJ KABOS was voted 'One of the world's best olive oils'
  • Tasting intensity: Delicate to Medium. Tasting characteristics: Aromas of green fruit, green grass and notes of fresh herbs. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, medium bitterness and pungency with notes of tomato leaf and spices; a high persistence and complexity.
  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS | NO PESTICIDES RESIDUE | BPA Free | Non GMO | No additives | 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • This product is sent via AIR from Greece to the USA. The best way to make sure our product reaches you as fresh as possible.

"Family Reserve" Medium Taste, 410 mg/kg Phenols, 16.9 fl oz Tin

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1 Fluid ounce
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