• GREAT PACKAGING - 202.8 fl oz (12 beautiful 16.9 fl oz tins). Easy to store, easy to handle (you don’t need a dispenser bottle as it has its own pull-up spout) and also have some extra tins on hand as a special gift (business or personal).
  • PREMIUM, AWARD-WINNING PRODUCT - Awarded a GOLD Quality Medal at the 2020 Berlin Extra Virgin Olive Oils Competition, this is our Fresh 2019/20 Harvest (produced between November of 2019 and January 2020) that boosts a very low acidity of 0.22% (over three times less than the maximum limit for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil category). Best Before January 2022.
  • HEALTHY DIET & LIFESTYLE – Rich in healthy Antioxidants (Phenols), our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great as a salad dressing, pairs perfectly with most foods (salads, vegetable, fruit, meat, poultry, beans, seafood, grains, dairy) and is suitable for all cooking needs (Raw, Sautéing, Deep Frying, Baking, Grilling). Additionally, it is great for hair and skin care, as a face and body moisturizer but also as an ingredient for the best homemade olive oil soaps and massage oils.
  • THE REAL DEAL – 100% Certified Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Single Origin | Ancient Olympia Vicinity | Cold-Extracted | No Additives | Natural | Unrefined | Koroneiki Tree Variety | Non-GMO | BPA-Free | No Pesticide Residues
  • DELICIOUS TASTE - Tasting intensity: Delicate-Medium (towards the delicate side). Tasting characteristics: Aromas of green grass and dry herbs with a subtle note of tomato leaf. Taste exhibits some sweetness, low bitterness and delicate to medium pungency with notes of olive leaf. Give your cuisine that authentic Mediterranean taste. A large added bonus of this evoo is how much it appeals to pets. Drizzle some on top of your dog's dry food to make the meal much more appealing.

PJ KABOS Chef's Selection Classic 12 x 16.9 fl oz Tins

500 Milliliters
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