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  • 2018/19 HARVEST! Harvested in November of 2018 with best before: 2/2021
  • PJ KABOS was voted 'One of the world's best olive oils' for 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018!
  • Tasting intensity: Delicate to Medium. Tasting characteristics: Aromas of green fruit, green grass, artichoke and notes of herbs.
  • BPA Free | Non GMO | No additives | 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • BUYERS TIP#1: Unlike wine, olive oil does not get better as it ages. On the contrary, olive oil is at its best when fresh. Always make sure to know the harvest dates of any Extra Virgin Olive Oil you wish to purchase.
  • BUYERS TIP#2: Best to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil in small, dark or fully painted containers to protect the contents from contact with oxygen and light. Thus, it is best to consume the oil in a short period after the container has been opened.

PJ KABOS Family Reserve 2018/19 Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 16.9Floz

SKU: 2-PackSmallTins
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