'Family Reserve'

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


'Family Reserve'

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tin (500ml)

'Family Reserve Organic'

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Glass Bottle (500ml)

Price range (€)

€8.70/500ml + Courier

Fruitiness & taste complexity


Acidity range


Smoke point °C


Harvest dates

7th Nov, - 7th Dec, 2019

Taste intensity

Delicate - Medium

€13.30/500ml + Courier




14th - 16th Nov, 2019

Delicate - Medium


Cooking Style

Our 'Family Reserve' line has been declared 'one of the world's best olive oils'. It's complex, aromatic profile will turn even the simplest of foods into a gourmet experience. Try it with friends on its own, as if you are professional tasters at a competition or drizzle it over a salad which will soak-up its fresh green aromas and will remain unforgettable. Using it at high temperatures will not trouble it in the slightest, on the contrary, it has been proven that the higher the quality of the olive oil the better it performs at the limit, so, go ahead, raise the temperature and enjoy the delicious results. Used globally in hotels and restaurants of world-renowned Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa.

Raw for salads & dressings / Sauteing / Deep-Frying / Baking / Grilling

Food pairing

Harvest technique

Additional Characteristics

Pairs perfectly with most foods. Exceptionally special to try on its own or poured directly over salads and for use in dressings.

Hand-harvested (Ancient technique)

 100% Greek product​     

No additives

Cold extracted


BPA-Free & Non-GMO


Rich in antioxidants


Complex taste and aromas

Step-by-step fruit selection, harvest & production supervision for all produced quantities by

PJ KABOS founder

James Panagiotopoulos


Limited production, available exclusively from PJ KABOS


Participation in the

PJ KABOS Social Responsibility Program


'Family Reserve'

2020 Gold Medal (Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

2020 Silver Medal (New York International Olive Oil Competition)

2020 Silver Medal (Berlin International Olive Oil Competition)

'Family Reserve Organic'

2019 Extra-Gold Medal

(Biolnevello International Olive Oil Competition)

2020 Extra-Gold Medal

(BIOL International Olive Oil Competition)

2020 Gold Medal (Berlin International Olive Oil Competition

2020 Silver Medal (New York International Olive Oil Competition)

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