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PJ KABOS Quality Foods was founded by James Panagiotopoulos (PJ). James’ personal olive groves are trees lovingly planted by his father and grandparents over 50 years ago.  These trees and other olive groves in the surrounding area of Ancient Olympia, Greece, produce the precious olive nectar of PJ KABOS. 

James' grandmother, Mrs. Maria Panagiotopoulou, lived to the age of 103 and is perhaps one of the best indicators for longevity for the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil was a big part of her Mediterranean diet!


The premium quality of our EVOO is ensured by the care we take every single step of the way. It starts from the tender-love the groves need throughout the year, right up until the harvest, extraction, storage, bottling and transportation of the final product. The extraction happens just a few hours after the olives are harvested at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and as for the storage, this takes place only in INOX stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature and constant Nitrogen pressure to protect from oxygen degradation of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These factors are reflected when the oil is tested for its chemical and organoleptic characteristics at which time we receive written confirmation of the premium quality product we are providing you.

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