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Tasting intensity: Medium to Robust

Packaging: 16.9Floz (500ml) elegant glass bottle with a fully painted exterior to provide optical style and protect the contents from light. Available in single 16.9Floz bottles and

super-savings six-packs. Perfect for a classy gift to someone all year round!


Acidity, tested at the time of production:           0.12%

Acidity, re-tested in mid-June, 2016:                0.13%

2016 Gold Award Winner at the Los Angeles & New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil competitions! Extremely low acidity of just 0.12% during production for our 2015/16 'Family Reserve' label. We just bottled it, and since production it has been stored in nearly perfect conditions so it tastes, almost as if it was just squeezed from the olives! Enjoy!

PJ KABOS was declared one of the world's best olive oils for 2015 & 2016! Our multiple award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from healthy, hand-picked Koroneiki variety olives and COLD extracted within 1 to 12 hours after the olive harvest. Our 'Family Reserve' label was harvested on the 21st-23rd of November 2015. The groves are located in the western Peloponnese region of Greece, about 20 miles from the site of ANCIENT OLYMPIA!

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for all daily cooking needs. This includes frying: Because of the outstanding chemical qualities our EVOO has, this ensures a higher smoke point and enhances the taste and health properties of any food cooked with it. And again due to its premium quality it is very special poured directly over salads and for use in dressings. A-must ingredient for that authentic, traditional Greek salad!​

BUYERS TIP#1: Unlike wine, olive oil does not get better as it ages. On the contrary, olive oil is at its best when fresh. Always make sure to know the harvest dates of any Extra Virgin Olive Oil you wish to purchase.

BUYERS TIP#2: Best to buy 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil' in small, dark or fully painted containers to protect the contents from contact with oxygen and light. Thus, it is best to consume the oil in a short period after the container has been opened. This preserves its high quality, taste and benefits. This is the reason why we changed this year from the green glass bottle we offered before to this new, elegant, fully painted one.